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Attorney Joseph Higgins: Client Testimonials

An Excellent Attorney

Attorney Higgins brought his knowledge, experience and expertise to my case winning on both counts. He analyzed the evidence, asked the appropriate questions and compelled the jury to reach a positive verdict. He is compassionate, invested and engaged. I recommend consulting with Joe Higgins if you are in need of an attorney, he is the best!


Best DUI Attorney!!

After being arrested for DUI 3rd offense, I hired a local attorney who recommended that I plead guilty and accept the loss of driver’s license as well as jail time. Rather than do that, I contacted Attorney Joseph Higgins who took on my case and advised that we fight the charges rather than plead guilty. Several months later, the judge in the case dismissed all charges against me. Joe’s representation in this matter was invaluable!.


Outstanding Representation A+++

It being my 3rd. OUI, a guilty finding would land me a minimum of 6 months in jail as well as no longer being able to practice within my profession. Joe was honest about the risks, highly professional throughout this entire legal process,highly responsive to my questions and concerns, compassionate, and used his stellar knowledge of the law to convince the jury that there was reasonable doubt in my case. He did an excellent job at every legal step of the way. This resulted in a not-guilty finding. He also put the necessary legal steps in place for me to get my driver’s license back through the RMV. Joe was worth every penny! He did a stellar job! If your life is on the line and you want the very best representation possible -Hire Joe! He is the real deal.


A+ DUI Defense Lawyer

Joe was amazing throughout the entire process. His extensive knowledge helped in answering any question I had. Joe’s availability was always second to none and he treated me with the utmost respect. On top of it all, he was able to get a positive outcome for me. I would recommend Joe in a second to anyone that was in my position.


Simply the Best

Joe is just simply the best choice for your legal needs, he specializes in everything dui/oui defense. From appealing decisions at the RMV to battling in the courtroom (which I am still in awe of his skill) Joe is a definite choice. 

He got me through a very rough situation in my life, I assure you. he will do everything in his power to get you out of yours.


Life Saver

Wow, I am impressed. I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for finding and choosing Joe to represent my case. He was there with me from the beginning to help me with the issues from the RMV, all the way to a trial. In the end he represented me in trial to achieve the desired not guilty verdict. Joe is THE lawyer to represent your OUI case.


Tough case

About a year and a half ago my life drastically changed. If you are reading this right now, you probably don’t feel good about yourself. I know the feeling. I read Joes reviews and felt some ease throughout that I had chosen a bright attorney. This all started with a first offense OUI that involved an accident. The turn of events that led me to drive that day makes me think this was all meant to be. I purchased my first home, and the movers bailed. On my way to moving in, I rear ended a family on the way. I then spent my first night as a homeowner in a jail cell. It was around this time that I researched and hired Joe Higgins. He immediately put me at ease with his knowledge of these situations, and his eager professionalism. I began to take actions to address the bigger issue of alcoholism. my alcoholic self really did not want to go out without a fight. So, naturally with one case pending, I thought it wise to get an additional OUI, but this time, let’s add on the fact that I was driving with a suspended license. I know had 2 mugshots in a 6 month period and was facing serious jail time and years long license suspension. Under The advisement of many, including, Joe, I got into treatment.

As time went on we attended several hearings where the prosecutors weren’t ready, or to ultimately set trial dates. Joe, or his associate, were always on time, professional, and well prepared for these appearances. When we finally went to trial for the second OUI I was impressed with Joe’s savvy. He asked questions I would never even think to ask, and ultimately made the prosecutors case look so weak that the trial was pretty much over before it started. NOT guilty! After the positive outcome our attention shifted to the first oui. Joe was prepared for trial and again was able to cast so much reasonable doubt over the prosecutors case that again we achieve ANOTHER NOT Guilty verdict. Needless to say the sense of relief since has been incredible. Currently, I’m working to have my license fully returned. Basically, since hiring Joe Higgins, not only am I square with a roof again, a serious and years long drinking problem that would have ultimately killed me was also addressed in the process. I owe a lot of that to Joseph Higgins. I know when feeling the fear/guilt/anxiety/shock I felt, reading reviews like this helped me tremendously, I hope they do for you as well. Hire Joseph Higgins with confidence!


recent court appearance

I recently had an unfortunate experience that required my seeking out an attorney. I was not acquainted with 1, and had the incredible luck of locating Joe Higgins. I contacted him, and he took over from there. He was very reassuring throughout the pre-court process, extremely cordial and professional, and reachable. However, that was nothing compared to his representation for me at the court. He was tremendous. Following the police officer’s statements, Joe was articulate, knowledgeable, yet forceful in my defense. The court agreed with his statements, and found in my favor. I thank my lucky stars I found Joe to represent me!


Above an beyond

Joe is a great attorney no doubt. He is super knowledgeable and SERIOUSLY knows what he is doing when it comes to an OUI case. He is very good at explaining the process as well as keeping you up to date. I would recommend him to anyone in this situation! Thanks again Joe!


100% recommend

In December of 2018 I was pulled over and charged with my first DUI. The night I was arrested and charged I felt unsure about my chances of getting out of this. I was advised by other attorneys that I had no chance of winning this case because of the evidence provided by the police officer, so I felt completely defeated and hopeless at this point. I did some more research and found Attorney Joe Higgins. After initially reaching out to him on his website for possible consultation, Joe called me within a few minutes. As I explained my case to Attorney Higgins, he was up font about the possibilities, but gave me clarity and relief about my case. From the beginning of this process until the day I was found not guilty, he was always available and receptive to all questions I had. It was worth every penny! I would highly recommended Joe Higgins as a DUI attorney.


DUI Client

Joseph Higgins is an expert at what he does. He saved my life. I was charged with possible 4th DUI out of state. I was looking at a minimum of 1 year in prison. I spoke with many lawyers, actually started out with a different lawyer. After coming across Joseph, seeing that he used to be a prosecutor and made me feel sense of peace immediately after speaking to him I knew I needed to hire him. He really knows his stuff! On the day of trial, his cross-examination of the two officers was great that my witnesses nor myself even needed to testify. 

Throughout the entire time leading up to the trial, Joseph would respond promptly to any text or questions I had. He truly is a God-sent. Thank you Joseph Higgin for saving my life! I HIGHLY recommend him 100%


Phenomenal Defense Attorney

Attorney Higgins WAS NOT recommended to me but I wish that he was! I was very fortunate and very lucky to find Joe. I have 2 prior OUI’s that I was guilty of and pleaded down to a CWOF. I was pulled over on Route 3 for excessive speed when passing a State Trooper. The trooper approached and asked me for my license and registration. I delivered and he took it back to his vehicle. After a few minutes(and I assure you he was looking into my past infractions) he returned to the vehicle and based entirely on my previous record he asked me to exit my vehicle on the premise that he smelled alcohol(he didn’t because this time I was not guilty) the officer asked me to perform a field sobriety test. He gave me 2 tests and then went back to his vehicle to get a breathalyzer(which I refused). Attorney Higgins quickly reviewed the records of the interaction and assured me that he felt there was no cause and that he could successfully defend me.

I had very little interaction with Joe as we went through the process(I prefer this as I have to use my focus for my job)…I understand that some people don’t like this but I hired an attorney to handle the situation FOR me not WITH me. Attorney Higgins did EXACTLY that for me. He never bothered me with things I wouldn’t understand but was always available to answer my questions when I had them. He took complete control of the situation and afforded me the comfort of being able to relax knowing that I was not guilty and that someone was fighting on my side FOR me.

I was looking at a 3rd OUI conviction and facing a massive penalty including jail time and loss of license for the foreseeable future for something I didn’t actually do. Attorney Higgins delivered on every promise he made to me while making me aware of the ramifications. I would 100% recommend him for anyone facing an OUI charge.


Excellent Experience

Not having been in any type of situation such as this I hit the internet and found Joe’s website. Based off of all the outstanding reviews I figured he was the place to start. I reached him through his online chat and got an immediate personal response followed by a direct phone call from Joe himself…all on a weekend! He is a no-nonsense guy, gets straight to the point, explains all that is happening so a layman can understand, and set me at ease about the situation. From start to finish, Joe kept me informed of all the details surrounding my case and in short order was able to have the case dismissed without even appearing in court! I would highly recommend Joe for any DUI/OUI case.



I only had a consultation call with Joseph but he was full of insight and information and give me awesome advice and i would recommend him to anybody who’s looking for an expert in his field thanks again Joe!!


Best of the best

Don’t ever think you’ll get an OUI? It happens more than you think. In my case, I cleaned up after my staff and placed the open beer bottles in my car. I know… that was genius. Found myself in a state of panic and experienced a difficult time during this debacle. I was referred to Attorney Higgins and while I was worried about everything that can possible go wrong, Joe remained cool as a fan. Explained the entire process and gave me relief of knowing I made a good decision hiring him to represent me in this matter. Long story short, when it was time for trial, Joe is a presence in the courtroom. He’ll even whispers in your ear to remind you to sit up straight in your chair. When representing you, Joe knows how to articulate what needs to be said, highlighting important details that will make the judge or jury think. NOT GUILTY was the verdict. So happy that this is behind me now. Thank you Joe for everything!


Look No Further, You’ve Found the Best!

Attorney Higgins represented me in November of 2020, stemming from a July DUI arrest with an extremely high breath test and other complicating factors. When I was looking for a lawyer to represent me, I felt completely hopeless. I thought, “this incident is just too severe, no one can help me with this…” but, I was wrong. If you’re going through a DUI, you know the anxiety and fear that accompany such a charge–attorney Higgins put me completely at ease, and once he learned the details of my case, he immediately told me what we could do to gain a favorable outcome–and he DELIVERED. As long as I do my part, I will walk out of this WITHOUT A CONVICTION, a clean record, and a major lesson learned. I am still in awe of what he has done for me. Attorney Higgins is so incredibly well versed in criminal defense and DUI law–from the moment we connected, I was confident in his abilities and knew I would be okay. Joe is a consummate professional, well spoken, and quick to respond to all calls and texts. He has forged good relationships with courts in all districts, and I’m convinced it’s because of who he is, how he handles himself, and how he represents his clients that garnered me such an incredible outcome. The staff in his office are equally as pleasant and professional–all around, he made one of the more difficult times in my life much, much easier, and because of him, I will be able to move on from this and do things right. Attorney Higgins will keep you informed, he will be honest, and he will absolutely fight to make sure you get your best case scenario. He is the best of the best, and you’d be doing yourself a favor by working with him.


1st Offense OUI

I consulted with Mr. Higgin’s regarding taking on a 1st offense OUI case. My case ended up getting sorted out before I was able to hire him but I was blown away with the time he took to read through my police report, explain things to me, and talk with me before I even hired him. Such a genuine person and definitely someone to turn to when weighing your options for an OUI and finding out more information. I thank you so much for your time and anyone who needs help with a case I would trust him!



Atty Higgins was great in helping with my daughter’s driving suspension due to a traffic violation. He responded quickly, was compassionate, and provided a very helpful free consultation. After deciding to hire Atty Higgins, he continued to correspond in a timely manner and his help resulted in a positive outcome.



I’m very happy to write this review so that anyone that needs advice pertaining to OUI you need to ask Joe. He is very professional and prompt. He always gets back to you with an answer and genuinely cares about helping you find a positive out come. He was extremely patient with me as it was a long two year period but he gave guidance along the way. Stay optimistic trust in him as he is the best. We won my case ultimately and I am very grateful to of hired him to defend me. Thanks Joe your the Man!


Rosemarie Corrigan

I hired Attorney Joseph Higgins , for an OUI. He was wonderful with me. Thankfully. I was found not guilty. Had I not had Joe to represent me. I may not have had the same results.


Joe was on point

Was referred to Joe from a close friend and I couldn’t be happier with the services he provided. He was beyond thorough with the entire process. He really did his homework and was able to exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Plain and simple, he does his job at a high level.


3rd Oui Charge

Mr. Higgins is by far worth every penny for his services. I was charged with a 3rd OUI, Negligence of a Motor Vehicle, and Speeding in January of 2020 and because of Covid, everything was pushed out. Mr. Higgins handled every hearing alone without an appearance on my part. My job was simply to comply with pretrial probation which involved the scram breathalyzer. Anytime I needed to reach Mr. Higgins, he was always available by cell phone. He always had an answer to put me at ease. The trial date finally arrived today and the outcome couldn’t have been better. Mr. Higgins cross examined both police officers that were used as witnesses by the Wareham District Attorney. He maintained a professional, calm, and confident manner the entire time. Between the cross examination and closing statement, the judge found me NOT GUILTY of an OUI, NOT GUILTY of Negligence of a Motor Vehicle, GUILTY of Speeding with a small fine. The 17 month wait and the retaining of Joe Higgins was well worth it. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I would recommend him to anyone. I urge anyone with an OUI charge to hire Attorney Joe Higgins. I am forever grateful for his services.


Best of The Best OUI & Related Charges

I called Joe at the one of the lowest and hardest points of my life where I was left high and dry by a prior attorney the week of my trial. He called me immediately on a Sunday night just from me requesting information on his website. I never expected anyone to get me the results I wanted, but I immediately felt comfortable with Joe and his understanding of my situation. Unfortunately I have had to hire a few attorneys in my life and I can’t put into words genuinely how professional, smart and on point Mr. Higgins is. He is top tier. He will fight for you without you even knowing the depth of his work. Joe is a true professional that I would recommend to anyone with an OUI & related charges. He got all my charges dismissed and I know it wasn’t easy. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Great lawyer

I called Joseph Higgins right after I was released from jail for OUI and he took my case and was worth every penny from the start. Joe was assuring, very professional and understanding through out the whole process and he really knows what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone needing help with a DUI/OUI.


Great Work

A friend referred Joe Higgins after I was charged with OUI. From start to finish, he put his full effort into my case and got all my charges dropped. Would %100 recommend him to anyone in need of his services. Thanks again Joe!


Professional and Effective

Attorney Higgins is extremely professional and it’s evident that he is very well-versed in the law. Mr. Higgins made sure I knew what to expect for the entirety of my legal proceedings. His actions both in and out of the courtroom speak highly of his character. I never feard for an unfavorable outcome in my case.


Exceptional attorney and now friend

It took one desperate google search to find Mr. Higgins. Within hours looked at my police report, gave his opinion, and answered all my questions. Because of covid we have stayed and touch for the past 2 years and I couldn’t have put my trust in better hands, i got charged with a second OUI in a separate state and he immediately recommended me to another attorney and gave me tips for that as well. Between the cross examination and closing statement, the judge found me NOT GUILTY of an OUI, NOT GUILTY of a open container, GUILTY of Speeding with a small fine. The 24 month was well worth it because of Joe. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I would recommend him to anyone. I urge anyone with an OUI charge to hire Attorney Joe Higgins. I am forever grateful for his services.


Fantastic Attorney

I met Joe many years ago when he attended Boston College, well before he became an Attorney. He has always been that “All American standup guy” since the first time I met him. Unfortunately, I was in an accident February of 2019 and was charged with an OUI in addition to other offenses. After the pandemic hit, it took almost three years to get to trial. His professionalism and extreme attention to detail along with his vast knowledge of the law ended in a Not Guilty verdict. Watching him during the trial was truly impressive and I wouldn’t want any other person representing me during this difficult time. He really is a true professional but most importantly he genuinely cares. These traits are invaluable to have and really hard to find in this line of work. I highly recommend Joe if you ever need a dedicated professional Attorney.


OUI case

As a person from out of state, Mr. Higgins was extremely helpful in helping to navigate an unfortunate event. He not only knew MA state laws and DMV protocol, but was also quick to respond to my correspondence. Joe was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I was innocent in an OUI incident. I am thankful and relieved the situation could be resolved in a timely manner and I can go back to my normal life.


The Best Attorney for DUI

My journey with Attorney Higgins lasted almost four years. It was a well deserved journey for it ended with a Not Guilty verdict. I was charged with a second DUI with the first being over 10 years ago.

Attorney Higgins is simply the best. Very professional, time conscious, communicates effectively and clearly. He does not tell you everything will be fine. What he will tell you after thoroughly examining your case is, we have a chance to win and that is all you need. For with legal matters, it can go either way. But one thing you will realize when you hire him is, he will put his very best food forward. You will instantly know he is on your side for the journey, should you choose him.

I had the opportunity of watching him in the court room with the confidence he carries, the preparedness and the depth of knowledge about DUI cases in the way he was challenging the police report. He is a master.

Please, look no further if you have a DUI case. He is simply the best.



Attorney Higgins really knows the drunk driving laws. Better so than most of the police and prosecutors out there. I thought I was helpless after being charged with a 3rd OUI because of some arrests more than 25 years ago. After the prosecution made me out to be a bad criminal in front of the jury Mr Higgins only needed 5-10 minutes of cross-examinations and facts to set the record straight. Not Guilty.


A Great, Thorough and Honest Attorney 

I felt like I was looking down the barrel of a gun when I got my court magistrate hearing. The police report read like a narrative and I was charged with a 2nd oui and leaving the scene. My first was over ten years ago. Joe was forthright with me and said a plea was best, and the deal I got was more than I could of hoped for. He is a calming presence, straightforward, and understands the court systems he works within,. My life may be a lot different right now if I did not choose to hire this attorney,


The Best!

Joe was the absolute best attorney and I am so thankful for his assistance. He helped me during the most stressful time. He knows everything there is to know about OUIs and gives his honest opinion and advice in an extremely calming manner. Anytime I needed to talk (just to ask questions or calm my nerves) he was available pretty much immediately to assist me. I would HIGHLY recommend Joe to anyone. He is the best!


Extremely competent DUI attorney.

Attorney Higgins represented me with a DUI case in the Boston Municipal Court. At trial, Attorney Higgins presented himself as 
highly skilled attorney who proved excellent council during the trial. Attorney Higgins was victorious in a ” NOT GUILTY” finding. 

I would without reservation recommend Attorney Higgins.



Fantastic Lawyer

I recently was charged with my first OUI and negligent operation offenses and Joe exceeded expectations. He was always quick to respond to any questions I had and fought until I achieved the best possible outcome for the given situation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as he genuinely wants the best outcome for every client.


The Best!

Joe was amazingly professional and the perfect advocate. He is extremely knowledgable and put my mind at ease walking me through the process every step of the way. He would respond to questions in a timely manner and I would recommend him to anyone. Truly the best there is!


1st OUI Not guilty

Im happy to write this review knowing the person reading this Doesn’t need to look any further for an OUI attorney. I had hired Joseph Higgins after firing my original attorney I had hired for my 1st Oui offense. What a night and day difference let me tell you! Here I am in a jam just fired my lawyer have trial set for the following week didn’t know what to do 


RMV Hearing

After a not guilty verdict on an OUI charge, my son needed representation for his hearing for license reinstatement at the RMV. 

Joe came highly recommended by our criminal attorney and he did not disappoint! The Registry of Motor Vehicles is a whole other level of nonsense and you absolutely need an attorney to deal with it. Joe is the best!


Best In The Business

Joseph “Joe” Higgins is nothing short of a Super Lawyer, a distinction bestowed upon him by The Boston Globe.

Unlike other defense attorneys, Joe has made defending citizens who face civil or criminal vehicular violations the focus of his life’s work; all to the benefit of his clients.


Great attorney

I worked with Joe during the midst of the pandemic when I got an OUI. Joe represented me during this process. I highly recommend him as he has a great track record of getting favorable outcomes.

Phil M. 

The best

I had the pleasure to work with Joe and he did an amazing job. I highly recommend joe to anyone who needs representation.


An excellent OUI Attorney

I was recently charged with my 1st OUI offense and driving to endanger. The prospect of dealing with the courts and the RMV seemed daunting. When I initially contacted Joe, he responded promptly, something he would do in all of our subsequent communications. He carefully reviewed the details of my case and clearly informed me of my options and what to expect going forward. He was also able to get one of the charges against me dismissed. I give him my highest recommendation.


Expert advice and representation

Atty. Higgins was very knowledgeable in my complex case and was able to take the time to explain in simple terms what the options were. Although difficult, he was able to successfully resolve the matter in an expedient time frame. Anyone who is skillful in their own profession can recognize the same in others practicing theirs.


The Best There Is

Hiring Joe was the best decision I have ever made. I unfortunately was facing a 3rd offense and was looking at mandatory jail time. My case dragged on for almost 2 years and throughout the entire process Joe was always responsive with any questions I had and each time we had to go to court Joe was prepared and made me feel assured. When the trial day finally came, I went with Joe’s advice, and we went with a Jury Waived trial. Through cross examination of the officer Joe was able to poke holes in the officer’s police report and prove to the judge the number of things I did right in the field sobriety test. Joe was able to quickly prove that the case did not rise to the burden of proof the State needed. We were able to obtain a Not Guilty Verdict on all counts and won the motion with the judge to reinstate my license. If you are ever in an unfortune situation like this, do not look any further, Joe is the person to hire.


Thank you, Joe Higgins and Jay Milligan from, Milligan & Higgins, Norwell, MA – for successfully defending me during my DUI case. I am truly grateful for Joe Higgins representation during my trial and would recommend him without reservation. I appreciated his calming presence and his polite and respectful attitude in the courtroom. Joe was well prepared, articulate and tenacious during my trial. He shredded through the prosecution’s weak evidence and ultimately convinced the judge, I was not guilty of the DUI charge against me.

Being charged with a DUI is a scary, surreal and sometimes hopeless ordeal. The seriousness of the charges is reflected in the penalties. Although evidence generally dictates outcomes, having the right attorney by your side, is your only defense. If you’re seeking legal representation in a DUI case, I can wholeheartedly recommend Joe Higgins.

DUI Client, Mark

Joe Higgins is a no nonsense straight to the point lawyer! You get what you pay for when it comes to attorneys and like most anything in life. My case was ultimately a layup for attorney Higgins. During the trial Joe grilled the witnesses on the facts of the case and pure lack of evidence that proved beyond a reasonable doubt I was not guilty. I do have to say it was entertaining watching him pick apart the prosecution! I highly recommend Joe Higgins

DUI Client, Andrew

Joe did an exceptional job with my case. He remained positive confident the entire time through this process. Joe worked hard and it resulted in a winning case.

DUI Client

This is one day after my life has been so changed by Joe Higgins. I had been stressing very hard for months and months after we found that critical evidence would be admitted into the case. It seemed that we took nothing but right hook after left hook. I had set myself up for a stay in the house of corrections and a nice new felony on my record. Day of trial Joe stayed positive and presented what seemed as lost law article to judge. District attorney fought against this being ruled on and she wanted a continuance but Joe presented so well to judge that he went with us and we got out of state evidence tossed and were then able to plea to a 2nd offense OUI and now restart work tomorrow, stay out of jail and don’t have a felony on my record so can continue to progress my life in workforce. Thank you so much, Mr. Higgins.

OUI Client, Colin

Joseph Higgins did an excellent job in my defense. I had never even been inside a courtroom before the accusation, but Joe was very helpful in walking me through the trial process. He was polite, professional, and very persuasive. I definitely recommend him for anyone who finds themselves in such unfortunate circumstances.

Defense Client

Extremely pleased at the result of the hearing of a violation of probation. There was a lot on the line Joe fought for us and provided a great result.

Probation Violation, Chris

Joe Higgins explained the best and worst case scenarios for my DUI clearly. If questions came up he would clear them up so that I would understand what was going on. I never experienced a trial before and he reassured me that he was doing the best job for me.

DUI Client, Jon

Joe represented me on a DUI case. It was a long process to get to trail, but well worth the wait. Have the utmost trust and faith. Joe couldn’t guarantee a favorable result, but was confident in my chances and he delivered a favorable result for me. Almost a miracle, in my opinion. Highly recommended. Great attorney. Thank you!

DUI Client, Chris

Joe handle my OUI case last year and I was down on my luck but decided to take a chance. I was charged with OUI after I totaled my love car Acura by rear ending another driver. Even my own family thought it was over. Eagerly trying to prove my case I looked up and did research and finally found my guy. Joe was very aggressive at the same time calm and intelligent, he impressed everyone in the courtroom. Joseph Higgins is an outstanding lawyer and an awesome choice.

OUI Client, Steven

Attorney Higgins is a true professional when it comes to representing someone in need of an OUI/Defense lawyer. It took almost two years and numerous court appearances before I was found not guilty. Attorney Higgins’s experience and knowledge helped me win my case. I can say from a past OUI experience it is not pleasant. Attorney Joseph Higgins would be the person I would hire if I was looking for an OUI/defenses lawyer for the first time offense or repeat offense.

OUI Client

Joe did a great job representing me with my second dui charge and was found not guilty. Was reduced to a reckless driving charge. I would recommend Joe Higgins to anyone.

DUI Client, Seth

About a year and a half ago I was arrested for suspicion of an OUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Not knowing much about these circumstances I reached out to a couple different lawyers. I came across Joe Higgins and he was the only lawyer who was able to make me feel at ease when speaking to him about my case. All the other lawyers essentially made me feel like there was no point in fighting this. However, Joe immediately offered to take on my case. He was professional but easy to talk to. He thoroughly went over my case and was able to find many gaps in the investigation conducted by the police. He made several court appearances with me and always had my best interest. It is extremely overwhelming and intimidating dealing with court related things but he helped me through it all. He is extremely skilled in what he does and is very knowledgeable about the law. He was really good with his questioning and arguments at all court appearances. It was because of this he was able to win my case resulting in four “not guilty” verdicts. For a case that seemed impossible to beat, Joe was able to do it. I recommend Joe for anyone who feels like there is no hope. He will work endlessly and fight for your case.

OUI Client, Andrew

I found Joe after a thorough research for an attorney. I was charged with multiple charges, the most significant being child endangerment. I’m a licensed teacher and this was my first offense, so it was imperative that my lawyer be competent with my case. Attorney Higgins demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the law and was very clear from the beginning about what he expected both worst case and best case scenario. He provided guidance throughout the process and was always available when I reached out. Ultimately Attorney Higgins was able to get all EIGHT charges dismissed (some with probation) and at an affordable price considering my financial future was at stake. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney.

OUI Client – Jessica

Very responsive to calls and texts. Answered all my questions thoroughly. Great help!

Josie Rivera

Joe did everything I could have hoped for out of an attorney. He was always quick to answer my questions through email or phone call, always acted professionally, and was sympathetic to my situation. He reviewed my case until he was fully familiar with each detail. It was clear each time that I appeared in court that the judge, the DA, and the other attorneys respect him and listen to what he has to say. He was successfully able to win my trial and save me a lot of trouble.

OUI Defense – Joe Higgins

I would highly recommend attorney Higgins for any matter relating to DUI. He almost always answers his cell phone himself (and if he can’t he’ll text and/or call right back) and keeps in constant contact, sharing his experience and expertise and providing calm during a very stressful time. He is articulate and very professional and the result he achieved for us was excellent, to put it mildly.

DUI Client, Christopher

Attorney Higgins is unbeatable! he did an outstanding job keeping up with my case (2nd offense oui) and walking me through it every step of the way– all the way through to trial. He kept in touch throughout the 7 month time period leading up to the trial and informed me of every possible outcome. Walking out of court today I can’t stop smiling ear to ear after Joe had my case fully dismissed and license returned to me. He is truly a lifesaver and extremely talented at what he does. I would recommend him to everyone, there is truly no one better.

OUI Client

I had met with many lawyers before Higgins and did not feel any of them to be confident enough to take my 2nd charge DUI case. As soon as I met with Joe I knew that I wanted him representing me. I thought there was no hope to winning the case and have sort of just accepted it- but after meeting with Joe, he told me information that no other lawyer could provide me. Joe has overturned my continued without a finding conviction of 3 years ago for both driving to endanger and DUI to not guilty for my first case, making this ‘second DUI’ my first. He was very honest with me and was in constant communication making sure I knew all procedures and what to expect during them. Joe really saved not only my record, but the correct path I look to take in life. I would not be where I am today if I had not chosen to take Joe Higgins. Highly recommend!!

DUI Client

Joe Higgins was recommended to me by my lawyer to assist in receiving my hardship license. I contacted him originally in May 2017, to which he informed me I still had a few months and to contact him again in September 2017. It was roughly a 4-minute phone call, which led to me being pleasantly surprised when I reached out again in September and he remembered our previous conversation. With my career, I am with clients Monday-Friday late into the evening, making meetings difficult. This was a non-issue with Joe, who informed me he would be happy to meet on the upcoming Saturday to discuss my case further. At our consultation, it was immediately evident that he was extremely knowledgeable and equally informative about DUI cases and proceedings as well as DMV requirements for a hardship license.
Throughout working with Joe, I was consistently grateful for his timely responses, his patience, and his compassionate guidance throughout the whole process. With my own personality, I am always one to “double check” everything, which resulted in me corresponding with Joe frequently to make sure I had all of my ducks in a row. Whether I had specific (and I can admit, trivial) questions about the process I was going through, or if a letter should be one page or two, Joe responded the same business day (mostly within the hour) with not only an answer, but a full explanation to my inquiry. He most certainly answered the same question more than once, and never did I feel bothersome or brushed aside. If there was not another client of Joe’s at my DMV hearing, I would have sworn I must have been his only client at the time. That is what I sincerely appreciate about Joe – he was never “too busy” to consult with me, and never made me feel as if I was “less than” due to the situation I was in.
Joe Higgins was extremely professional in my entire working relationship with him – he is exceptionally competent, organized, patient, and thorough. In addition to his professional characteristics, he is genuinely passionate about this field as well as a caring, empathetic individual. There was no judgment of my past indiscretions, only praise of my current successes. I was dreading beginning the process to be granted my hardship license, however, hiring Joe as my lawyer completely changed my thought-process. I felt completely prepared for my court hearing, had zero questions or misunderstandings, and knew, whole-heartedly, that whatever the verdict was going to be – hiring Joe was the best decision I had made. There were no shortcomings in my hearing, no stone unturned, no thoughts of “if only we had done x, y, or z”. He gave a thorough description of my accomplishments over the past few years, my need for a hardship, and a description of the letters I had provided him for the court. Something I had been dreading for three years was quick and painless, all thanks to Joe Higgins. Joe called me less than a week later to congratulate me that I was approved! I am extremely grateful to have had Joe on my side, as he effortlessly took the role of coach, teammate, and cheerleader. I cannot recommend him enough!

DUI Client

I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone what an outstanding lawyer that Joseph Higgins III is! I was facing a second DUI conviction when I called Joe looking for help. Joe called me back within a very short time and was there to answer all my questions and concerns. Joe put me at ease in only a few minutes of talking with him. Somehow I just felt that everything was going to work out and that I was in good hands. Joe really was the consummate professional and was able to get my trial date set up within a very short time. In my opinion Joe is the best lawyer I have ever had the privilege of working with! Joe was able to get me a NOT GUILTY verdict and in turn gave me back my life again! Joe is certainly worth his weight in gold and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who might be in a similar situation as me. Thank you Joe Higgins to the moon and back again!

DUI Client, John

After being arrested for suspicion of OUI, I wan’t exactly sure what my legal options were for the future. At this point i was tasked with having to find a suitable lawyer to represent me in the following months in the case against the state of Massachusetts. As I began searching through OUI defense attorneys in Massachusetts I decided to consult Joe Higgins based on his flawless on-line ratings as well as his many 5 star reviews. Joe returned my call in a professional and timely fashion (immediately after I had left a message) and walked me through all of the legal proceedings that would occur in the following months. Seeing as it was my first OUI arrest I was very unsure how the next few months would unfold. Attorney Joe Higgins assured me that he would be there to answer any and all of my questions (day or night) as well as accompany me to my various hearings including my appeal to the RMV in Boston.
After reviewing my case file Attorney Higgins contacted me and let me know that my best plan of action was to go to court (rather than take the appeal) and hold the state of Massachusetts to their burden of proof, and taking a plea of not guilty to this suspicion of OUI charge. Months later on my date in court I arrived to the courthouse to find Attorney Higgins already in the courtroom lobby further reviewing my police report, and completely prepared to defend me to the best of his ability. In the trial itself Joe was extremely professional and quite impressive with his defense as well as his cross examining of the states witness. Joe knew my police report inside and out and clearly had a plan of attack and execution to defend me as well as hold the state of Massachusetts to their burden of proof. As a result of Attorney Higgin’s vast knowledge of Massachusetts motor law and criminal OUI defense he was able to secure me a verdict of not guilty for first offense OUI, and was also able to get my marked lane violation dropped as a result of his excellent defense.
Although it may seems like life your life is ruined there is still light at the end of the tunnel if you have been arrested in Massachusetts for suspicion of OUI. And in order to move on from this unfavorable event is to hire Attorney Joe Higgins. Joe will guide you through this horrible process and will defend you to the best of his ability as well as answer any and all of your questions along the way. In my opinion there is only one person to call if you have been arrested for OUI in Massachusetts, and that is Attorney Joe Higgins out of Norwell MA. I called him, and it was one of the best discussions I have ever made.

DUI Client, Joe

I reached out to Joe for my father. He had been stopped for speeding and then given a road side sobriety test. He informed the officer that he was undergoing treatment (chemotherapy and radiation) for lung cancer and he couldn’t do any balance tests. He was given one test, which was a balance test and failed it. He had a DUI from 1981, so this would be his second offense. Joe returned my call right away, and drove up to the North Shore to meet with us that same week. He was able to help my father to be found “non-guilty” at his trial, and get his license back. Thanks Joe, we appreciate everything you have done more than you know!!

DUI Client, Erin

I just had to take a few moments to express my deep gratitude to the best Attorney in the business. It was a grueling 3 years for my case. My case was a egg in your face case against the Commonwealth and he handled it with the highest level of professionalism and grace that can’t be beat. This could have turned out to be a long term nightmare and cause very serious damage to my future. Again, Joe Thank you and God Speed.

DUI Client, Wilson

I highly recommend Attorney Joseph Higgins, his Professionalism and his Caring personality made process easier than what I expected, Atty. Higgins response to emails and calls were returned promptly, and must say quite happy with result.. Not Guilty

DUI Client

Joe was very professional, helpful & attentive to my legal information needs. Mr. Higgins is dedicated and determined on what needs to be done to win. He was willing to work out a payment plan and meet me when i needed him. He always made me feel like he was on my side. My entire experience was very pleasant and I would definitely recommend to others.

DUI Client, George

I was charged with OUI Liquor and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. I was not residing in Massachusetts so Joe was able to have the judge waive my court appearances till my trial. Walking into the court room, nervous as can be, Joe was completely relaxed and able to calm my nerves as well. I had 3 people testifying against me but still Joe was able to prove to the jury that I was innocent. Without Joe’s knowledge of the law, and vast experience in OUI cases, I would’ve lost my job. He assessed every angle of my case, was very attentive, professional, and worth every penny I spent to hire him. I would recommend him to anyone!

DUI Client, Amanda

By chance I ran into Attorney Joe Higgins, I was on my third OUI. He was very professional and told me it would take some time. After 3.5 years he got me off with no conviction and I still have my license. I appreciate what he did for me.

DUI Client, TFL

I have always been skeptical of the validity of online reviews, and was nervous to hire an out of state attorney without meeting him first. I contacted Joe via email and he returned my call promptly the next morning, as he happened to be on his way to the very court where I had an outstanding warrant (I had an open 5 year old DUI case). During our initial conversation I could tell that Joe was both knowledgeable and passionate about his area of expertise. During the six months that we worked together he was able to get my warrant lifted without me being present, which was a huge help not being able to drive, and living out of state… and at my second court hearing I ended up with my case dismissed and nothing on my driving record. I enjoyed working with Joe and most of all appreciated his confidence and positive attitude, which help immensely with my stress level in this situation. I have to say that my only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to see him during a trial… I’m sure he would have been amazing.

DUI Client, H.M.

My experience with the MA court system was non-existent and Attorney Higgins walked me through the court operation and specifics of my case. He demonstrated a superior knowledge of the OUI regulations and his availability and responsiveness to my questions were unsurpassed. My case went to trial and his detailed selection of jury members and focused questioning of the prosecution’s witness were instrumental in my acquittal.

DUI Client

Attorney Higgin’s always returned my phone call promply, and took the time to answer my inquiries in detail. He fought long and hard to beat my DUI charge. He had the knolage and experience to know I had a winnable case, and did not urge me to accept a plea to dispose of my case quickly. If you are looking for a lawyer to represents you on a DUI or DWI chare I highly recommend hiring AttorneyJoseph John Higgins III.

DUI Client, Adam

Over New Years I was pulled over and taken in for 1st offense DUI. After reviewing my situation with another lawyer friend he advised me to go to court and hire Joe. Joe was excellent to work with. He sat down and walked me through the whole process which I was very unfamiliar with. He’s very adept at what he does and due to my case and his skill we won in court. Another thing I found very helpful was despite his busy schedule he was always easy to reach and talk to when I had questions. I cant thank him enough for all he did for me

DUI Client, MB

Attorney Joseph Higgins did an amazing job representing me and getting a Not Guilty verdict for my OUI case. After my arrest, I was extremely stressed and was constantly worrying about my future. After my first conversation with Joe, those fears dissipated as it was clear to me that he truly cares about his clients and ensuring that they get the BEST possible outcome for them. In my various conversations leading up to the trial date, Joe carefully deconstructed my police report and explained each detail with me to help me understand the case and each possible outcome that could happen.

As my attorney he was attentive and did everything in his power to move the case along. In fact, Joe was able to secure the earliest available court date for me. In the courtroom, Joe instilled a sense of confidence and reassurance as we took our case to a bench trial. During the trial, Joe was extremely well spoken and showed great poise and controlled the courtroom. I would recommend Joe to anyone as he has tremendous knowledge of OUI law but more importantly he cares about his clients above all else.

DUI Client, Jack

As I sit here NOT GUILTY, a week after my trial date with my attorney Joe Higgins.. I can’t help but think back to the past year of my life. When I was arrested back in May of 2016 for a second offense OUI, I thought my life was over. As a single mom of 1, I was devastated. I called 10+ lawyers until I came across attorney Higgins. He called me back within 5 minutes of submitting a question on his website. He was so professional, helpful and asked so many questions, but the best part was … He managed to restore the hope in me. He went over many options and assured me everything would be okay, and that there was still hope. That’s when I knew he was the lawyer for me. He represented my appeal at the RMV and was there any time I called or texted , with answers right away to anything.. Even the dumbest questions I had to ask lol. We took my case to trial and Joe represented me. He was so professional , and the scary Part… NICE! He knew the laws and paid attention to every detail, every word that was said and did what he does best.. WE WON THE CASE! I can’t begin to explain the feeling of relief that day.. The feeling of freedom and like I could finally breathe again, and move on with my life. The sad part for me was that I felt there was nothing I could do to thank Joe enough. He took a huge part of my life that was misery and made me feel whole again. Joe, you are the absolute BEST, and because of you, I have my life back. THANK YOU ATTORNEY JOE HIGGINS!

DUI Client, Christina

Attorney Higgins represented me, and I received a better result than I could ever have hoped for. It’s certainly a financial investment, but in the end was more than worth it for me.

DUI Client

I retained attorney Joe Higgins when I was arrested by a Massachusetts State Trooper for suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol on a public motorway in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Joe investigated the facts surrounding my case and concluded that the Troopers allegations surrounding how he came to the conclusion I was under the influence, was very weak. Joe determined that the Troopers assertions were incomplete and very well could have been founded in unfair bias and observational technique. Joe walked me through the process every step of the way which ended up in a trial by Jury, and an acquittal. I saw Joe in action and believe he has great judgement in criminal OUI defense cases. Joe was very professional and consulted with me on major decisions on the pre-trial defense, and even in court. At all times I deferred to Joe’s judgement, because he is the professional and I had that much confidence in him. Highly recommend Joseph John Higgins 3 for OUI defense lawyer.

DUI Client, David

To anyone who is in a duo case,
Attorney Higgins was exceptional, he was attentive and we’ll spoken. I had lost all hope in my case untill I hired Joseph. He got my breath test excluded and won my case. He was with me every step of the way and answered every call/text/email I ever had for him promptly. He is a must hire in the state of mass for dui and criminal cases. Please give him a call if you need a great lawyer. Thanks for listening and thanks to Attorney Higgins for all the hard work and dedication sir! GREATFULLY Stephen S

DUI Client, Stephen

Joe is the best! He was always accessible and took the time to listen to my case and come up with a plan to resolve it, which ended in my case being dismissed. Throughout the entire process he kept me up to date and gave me advice on what to expect each court date.
He is extremely knowledgeable and will fight hard for you.
I would recommend him to anyone in need of an OUI attorney in a heartbeat.

DUI Client

I was charged with an OUI after my truck spun out and crashed into a curb. Since there was no property damage other than my truck, I drove away and my truck ended up breaking down on the side of the highway. State police showed up moments after and they instantly preformed sobriety tests in which they said I failed. They then asked me to take a breathalyzer which I refused, resulting in my arrest. I was under 21, so this was an automatic 3 year suspension. I knew I needed a good lawyer, and I was referred to meet with Joe Higgins. Right away, I could sense his confidence and he was really easy to talk with. He was available 24/7, whenever I called or messaged him he answered almost immediately with whatever questions I had. When my case went to trial, he suggested for me to go in front of a 7 person jury because he felt that was the best move and I trusted him. In court he questioned the State Trooper that arrested me. He was so efficient. Joe was very smooth with his words and knew exactly what to question. Resulting in the jury finding me not guilty. I am very thankful to have hired Joe Higgins.

DUI Client

Its my absolute pleasure to recommend attorney Joe Higgins. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Joe both personally and professionally he is honest dependable and incredibly hard working beyond that he has an impressive record who is always achieving great results his knowledge in the area of OUI and RMV laws is a huge advantage to any person interested in an attorney in this field he puts his skill set to work in order to achieve winning results. without a doubt I confidently recommend Joe Higgins as an attorney specializing in OUI and registry motor vehicles cases. he is a dedicated in knowledgeable attorney and all-around great person

DUI Client, Steven

I was arrested and charged with a third OUI. I was facing jail time and a very long license suspension. I decided to look for a lawyer, and Joe was recommended to me by a close family friend. I hired Joe Higgins and this was the best choice i could have made. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable in the field. He stuck with me through a process that took over a year, and at the end of it, Joe was able to get all charges dismissed!! I would highly recommend hiring Joe Higgins for any DUI/DWI matter. Thanks again Joe.

DUI Client, Vedran

My license was suspended by the registry of motor vehicles for 10 years, I felt like I was never going to be able to drive again. After a long process of being taken advantage of by other attorneys finally I met with Joseph Higgins. We created a plan to go in front of the board of appeals and fight to modify the decision of the registry. It took some time but we were more than prepared to present the evidence/information we gathered for the board. When the day came we did exactly as we planned, the board sided with us and issued me a full license. I was without a license for just over a year, much better than 10! Joseph was so professional, honest and intelligent about his practice. He really cared for me and did everything he could to make this happen. I can’t thank Joseph Higgins enough, he truly is a lifesaver. I will forever refer Joseph Higgins to anyone that needs help in a unfortunate situation. Thanks again Joe!

DUI Client, Patrick

Attorney Joseph Higgins is a true professional whose behavior reflects his attitude towards his work and clients.  As my attorney he was attentive from the beginning, an excellent listener, and very approachable and understanding. In a timely manner Attorney Higgins gathered all the proper information related to my case, was in constant contact with me, and instilled a sense of confidence and reassurance during an extremely stressful time.  Attorney Higgins has a presence of respect for both the legal system and his clients and maintains that environment at all times.  I will be forever grateful for his highly effective representation and my favorable outcome.  I recommend Attorney Joseph Higgins and am confident you will have a positive experience as well.

DUI Client

Joe did an excellent job representing me at my Registry of Motor Vehicle Appeals Board hearing. He coached me prior to the hearing so I would know what they would ask, and how to answer them. The hearing transpired exactly as he told me it would. Within a week of the hearing I received an authorization from the Appeals Board to begin the re-licensing process. Thanks for your superior help Joe!

DUI Client

Joe represented me at a magistrate’s hearing in January 2017. Joe was thoroughly prepared, helpful, and professional prior to and throughout the proceeding. I am quite grateful for his services which ended in a positive outcome.

DUI Client, Kathrine

Attorney Joseph Higgins was professional, knowledgeable, and strategic in my OUI defense. He thoroughly acquired the facts in the case and was brilliant in making decisions throughout the process. There were quick and strategic decisions he made on his feet during the trial that demonstrated his ability and skills to navigate the case for the most successful and favorable outcome. He was a pleasure to work with not just on a professional level but also in a personal way. I believe he has a gift of encouragement but one that is smartly tempered with facts and honest assessment. In the court room, Joe was not just tough and smart but was like-able and it was clear he made positive connections with court staff and the jurors. In fact, I was approached by some jurors after trial completion asking where we found our attorney! Joe was great! It was a pleasure to work with Joe and I highly recommend him and am forever grateful he fought for me!

DUI Client

Joe is very professional and knowledgeable about the OUI laws.  He won my cases and kept me in the loop during the entire process. I would highly recommend Joe if you need a great OUI attorney.

DUI Client, Jeff

Recently my son was arrested after being involved in a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts. He was charged with a combination of criminal complaints and several motor vehicle violations. The most serious offense was OUI (drugs). Based on the fact that a guilty finding for OUI (drugs) would potentially change my son’s future forever, I knew I wanted the best possible criminal defense attorney specializing in DWI/OUI cases. Having worked in the criminal justice field for over 25 years, most of those years in Massachusetts, I immediately contacted Attorney Joe Higgins of Norwell. I had personally witnessed Attorney Higgins’ professionalism and court room presence and I believed he was the most capable attorney specializing in OUI (drugs) charges. Attorney Higgins succeeded in getting all of the criminal charges dismissed, including the OUI (drugs). Additionally, Attorney Higgins accompanied my son to the RMV and his Massachusetts Driver’s License was reinstated less than ten days following the trial date.

DUI Client

I want to thank my Criminal Law attorney, Joseph John Higgins III’s for representing me over the last several months. This has been the worst time of my life, with being charged with my second OUI charge at a very young age I was very beat for a long time. It was difficult to think about all the negative consequences that came with this charge.I truly felt victimized by the false charges, accusations, and lies. Having Mr. Higgin’s representation brought a tremendous feeling of peace. His positive attitude and wise council, relieved me of a great deal of anxiety. Joe Higgins is not only professional but very understanding as well. He knew what he was talking about and discussing when it came to Criminal Defense with a focus on Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol cases and RMV matters. I now feel confident that I can get on with my life. It gives peace of mind to know that you are there if this matter ever rears its head again. Thank you.

DUI Client

I was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, marked lanes violation… I totalled my car and another person’s car and caused 15k worth of property damage. I had a probable cause hearing and Joe pulled a miracle. The out come I got wasnt even something I entertained the thought of. His professionalism is insane. Joe Is an amazing attorney and very knowledgeable. He always answers calls and his paralegals are on par with him! He doesn’t sugar coat, and he’s honest. Definitely recommending him to friends. He was recommended to me by word of mouth, I hope others read this and let his team take care of them. Worth every single dime. THANK YOU JOE AND TEAM!

DUI Client, Ed

I am a college student who got arrested last summer for a OUI. I was very nervous about the whole court process and outcome. Joe always was responsive to my calls and texts. He gave me a great feeling of support, and answered any of my questions I had. He also is very friendly along with professional and I had a great experience hiring him. Lastly, He was a natural during the trial and I ended with a “Not Guilty” verdict. Hire Joe, you won’t regret it!

DUI Client, Dana

Attorney Higgins is an extremely impressive individual. His demeanor is confident and his experience as a DUI/OUI defense attorney is outstanding. It is because of Attorney Higgins that my son received a Not Guilty verdict on his OUI charge. I’ll always be extremely grateful to him.

DUI Client, S.P.

Refusing to take a breath test was one of the biggest parts of winning my court case. Due to the dedication and support of Joseph Higgins, 9 months after being found NOT GUILTY of my charged 3rd OUI, my drivers license was reinstated. We had to go before the judge in order to have my full license returned. I can say that Joe played a huge role in getting the judge to agree to returning my license. I would not have been able to stand before her myself. Thank you Joe for everything.

DUI Client, Lyndsay

Joe was on top of everything. He caught every mistake the ADA made, by not providing documentation, not providing it in a timely manner or in the proper format. He advocated my case proficiently even though the ADA wanted nothing but the harshest sentence. They were unreasonable and wouldn’t negotiate. They went for the home run and struck out because Joe made sure the judge knew that they were not playing by the rules and even the times the judge gave the ADA additional time to clean up their case file, Joe fought them at every turn. My case was dismissed finally because of Joe’s perseverance. He and his firm are the right one for the job if you are ever jammed up….. Don’t hesitate to call Milligan & Higgins. They were make it happen for you. You can trust they will do everything to solve your issue.

DUI Client

Joseph Higgins came to my aid when I was arrested for a DUI.
He came to my place of business to meet with me and walked me step by step through this scary process. He was available by phone and/or by cell, whenever I had questions. But, most of all. When we took my case to trial. He was there PREPARED! He studied the police report and defended me against every detail! We defeated this and thanks to Joe, I will not have a DUI on my record. I couldn’t be anymore thankful. I will recommend him to anyone that needs help against a DUI.

DUI Client, Tiffany

Joe did a great job at reinstating my license with the RMV. A very nice gentleman and very respectful. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend him!

DUI Client, Tom

Attorney Joe Higgins did an excellent job with my case. Joe carefully explained all the options I had, to ensure we were moving forward in the best possible fashion. I work a 9 to 5  job, which often made it difficult to meet with him during the week. Joe made himself available around my schedule, to reduce the impact of this unfortunate incident on the rest of my life.  Also, Joe attacked my case from many different angles, which I felt gave me multiple ways which the case could be dismissed or won. In the end, Joe worked to ensure my OUI was dismissed, bringing an end to the case in the best possible fashion.  Joe, and his team, will work tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for their clients, and I highly recommend him.

DUI Client

I have been speaking with Joe for over 3 years regarding my suspension. I am a young guy and got 3 dui’s very close together. However two weeks ago Joe and I appeared before the Board of Appeals and my ruling was modified and I am now allowed to get a Hardship license. The RMV said it wouldn’t happen until 2021 when I applied for my regular license to be re instated well its 2015 and I am in the process of reinstating a hardship license now.

Not only did Joe diligently put together a great case on my behalf. He continues after the hearing to help me navigate through the process of receiving the hardship license.

I believe if I did not hire Joe Higgins I would not of had this opportunity. Just a great lawyer and a great guy.

Thanks Joe.

DUI Client, Kevin

Joe I found on the internet. Joe Higgins took time on his personal day off to meet me over 40 miles away. In the world today that is rare. Joe listened to me, gave me his thoughts, and more importantly did not sugar coat anything. He firmly told me the outcomes of the choices we were going to make. The one thing that stood out in court today was after a conversation happened between us he recognized immediately, (after me agreeing to it) that I was uncomfortable. This showed me he actually cares about how I was feeling, and the outcome of the trial. He always took my phone calls promptly. I was very fortunate to meet this talented individual. Thanks for giving me my life back Joe. Not Guilty. The best words I have ever heard.

DUI Client, Lisa

Joe was very professional and personable throughout my experience with him. He took my calls at any hour of the day on his personal phone and was happy to answer any questions I had. Once trial day finally came, he proved he was worth every penny as all charges were dropped.

Overall, Joe is a great guy and an excellent lawyer that I would recommend to anyone in need of DUI defense.

DUI Client

I was charged with a DUI and hired Attorney Higgins, who was referred to me by a friend. Attorney Higgins was extremely professional and responsive to any and all phone calls. He also made me feel comfortable during this extremely embarrassing and difficult time in my life. Because he was so confident in what he was doing and explained the process thoroughly it made the entire dilemma much easier to deal with. Not to mention we received a “Not Guilty” verdict. I would recommend Attorney Higgins to any and all friends, family etc…He’s the best.

DUI Client, Jeff

After my son was charged with OUI, I went on the Avvo site to get the name of an attorney to call. One of the first names I came across was Joe Higgins. After reading the reviews on him, I decided to give him a call. He immediately returned my call and within minutes I knew I had found the right lawyer to represent my son. Not only was Joe one of the most professional lawyers I had ever dealt with but he also was so compassionate. Joe and I had many phone calls and he took the time to explain all the issues in my son’s case and what he felt would be the best possible outcome based on the circumstances surrounding his case. He never promised anything but he certainly delivered!! I can’t thank Joe Higgins enough for all that he did. He truly earns a 5 star rating!!! Without a doubt he is the best attorney around and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a great lawyer!!

DUI Client

The service and representation that I received from Attorney Joseph Higgins was absolutely outstanding. I was going through a very tough period of my life as a result of an OUI charge against me. I never had any problems with the law and I can honestly say that I was scared of how such a serious charge would affect my life. I didn’t know what to do, what to expect, how long I would have to go through the process and what would happen to me if I was found guilty of the charge against me. I began to do research online and found several Ads for OUI Attorneys including Attorney Higgins’ Ad. Joe’s website was very well organized and provided me with a lot of valuable information. I was very desperate and eager to speak to someone about the details of my case to get a better idea of where I stood. Therefore, I decided to call the number on the Ad right away and left a message with my contact information. Since it was a Saturday morning, I really didn’t think I was going to be able to speak to anyone until at least Monday. However I was very wrong, to my surprise Attorney Higgins called me right back within a couple of minutes. I explained to him what happened and he asked me several follow up questions. He said that he could help and explained to me the next steps that I should take. At that point I felt some relief by having some of my questions answered and knowing that I could have someone with a lot of experience dealing with these cases on my side. From the very beginning up to the very end of my case, Joe was very professional, approachable and guided me every step of the way. He understood how I felt and made sure he always answered any of my questions. I can honestly say that Joe is very trustworthy because he was very honest on everything he explained. I definitely trusted him completely and felt very comfortable from the start that he knew exactly what he was doing. For this reason, every advice he provided me with, I took it without hesitation all the way up to the trial. During the trial, he was very detailed, well prepared and aggressive but in an extremely professional and courteous way to all involved. I was very nervous but I felt good that I had such a great attorney on my side doing everything he could to defend me and prove my innocence. Fortunately, I was found innocent of all charges associated with the OUI. I am glad that I chose Attorney Joe Higgins to represent me and I definitely recommend him to anyone that may need a great OUI defense attorney. This type of defense is clearly his specialty and it showed from day 1. Every penny spent for his services is worth it because he truly is an outstanding attorney. I told him at the conclusion of my trial, “I hope I will never see you again, that is under these circumstances”. However, if I or anyone I know ever have to face an OUI charge, I will definitely be calling Attorney Joseph Higgins in a heartbeat and without hesitation.

DUI Client, CF

4 OUI no jail suspension cut in half. I waited years for the right lawyer. So let all my research work for you look no more Joe is the guy. Joe did exactly what he said he would do no false promises no BS. Joe is old enough to have the experience and still young enough to believe he can make a difference. He has passion for his work and truly cares its not just about the money. Absolutely recommend. 5 Star TY Joe

DUI Client, Scott

I am thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to write a review on behalf of Attorney Joseph Higgins. I called Joe on a Sunday after I had an incident the evening before. He was so very responsive, calmly and thoroughly walked me through what our next steps would be and scheduled to meet with me immediately. I knew right after speaking with him that he would be my Attorney.

My case was a tough one and what I thought to be almost hopeless. I was thinking that I would receive the worst outcome possible. But, Attorney Higgins developed a strategy for me through the year that was so right on target that I ended up receiving the absolute best outcome I could have possibly gotten. I had an extremely high BAC that evening, but with Attorney Higgins’ strategy, I ended up with only a 45 day license loss. The way my case was structured (there were other components to it), it could have easily been a year license loss. Attorney Higgins’ had every move planned out through the year with a specific goal in mind for me – and we got it! Joe has such a great mix of being so highly skilled and knowledgeable about the law, and at the same time, I felt like he also genuinely cared about me, my family, and my future.

I can’t thank him enough and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very responsive, accessible, dependable and highly knowledgeable Attorney.
Thank you so much, Joe!

DUI Client, Jen

Mr. Higgins provided me with a great service during the process of courts and trial. He explained with great detail exactly how every part of the process would go so I knew what to expect. My case was called to trial, and Joe did an amazing job defending me. We ended up winning my case of OUI, which I am forever thankful to him for.

I highly recommend hiring Mr. Higgins to any DUI/DWI cases, because he will do a phenomenal job and everything in his power to defend you.

DUI Client, Alex

Joseph Higgins is very upfront and straight to the point. He was comstantly by my side and if he was not he made sure we had constant contact. I was amazed at how smooth the trial went and felt Mr. Higgins knew my case inside and out. Never did I doubt my decision for Joseph Higgins to represent me and I fully give my recommendation.

DUI Client

Today I met with Joe at Fall River District Court.After successfully trying my case to a not guilty finding ,now it was time to file a motion to restore my license.The registry wanted to keep it for three years because of a prior 23 years ago combined with my current bath test refusal.Joe, always the consumate professional was once again successful .If you want a lawyer who will fight for what you deserve,Joe is your clear choice He is knowledgeable , punctual , and always gets back to you on your questions . Joe, thanks for getting me my life back.

DUI Client,  Dave

I was arrested Sunday September 7th on my home from a family barbecue with my wife.

Shortly after my return home from the State Police Barracks I started calling OUI lawyers. I spoke to 5 or 6 lawyers that morning.

I was distraught and confused as to what happened and Joseph Higgins was honestly the only lawyer that made me feel at ease. He explained everything that I had experienced in detail and was compassionate to my concerns & questions.

During the court dates leading up to the trial and the trial day Joseph Higgins was punctual and calculated. I could not be happier in the way he carried out and presented my case.

I highly recommend Joseph Higgins as your OUI attorney.

DUI Client,  JMF

Attorney Higgins is truly a master of his craft. When I was charged with OUI drugs and negligent operation of a vehicle, I had never been in any kind of trouble with the law before and had no experience in dealing with the justice system. Needless to say, I was nervous and had many questions and uncertainties about my case and my future. Attorney Joe Higgins made himself completely available to me by phone, text, e-mail, and personal meetings to address any questions or concerns I had. He provided knowledgable and thorough answers to my questions and is incredibly well-spoken, which is especially evident in the courtroom. His experience as an Assistant District Attorney provides a huge advantage, because he knows how prosecutors will try to handle your case. His extensive knowledge and experience combined with his charisma and ability to reassure his clients in difficult times proves he is an excellent choice for an OUI defense. I would recommend Attorney Joe Higgins to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation

DUI Client,  Frank

The day after I was arrested for a second offense OUI, I started calling lawyers. I spoke to 5 or 6 of them before I spoke to Joe Higgins and knew immediately he was the one that was going to represent me the best. He was polite, responsive, explained everything in as much detail as possible, gave me every possible outcome, and had an all around “great guy” vibe to him. During our first meeting I felt comfortable with him and he was extremely positive about my case, but also very honest about would could happen if we lost. His good feeling about the case never seemed fake and that proved to be true when we won today in court.

Joe’s communication throughout the entire process was incredible. He never missed a call or a text or an email. He was responsive almost immediately to all my questions. He let me make important decisions after giving his professional input. I ended up taking his professional advice on all of our decisions and am so glad that I did. He really knows what he’s doing, especially having had a history of working for the D.A.

When we first went to court we didn’t have enough Jurors to give us what we needed to have our trial. Joe knew this and was not willing to try our case in front of a bad jury. Although we had to wait longer to go back to court, it was the right decision.

When we went back to court we were able to try the case in front of the judge only. Joe knew about the judge and thought it would be a good choice to waive the jury based on the judges history. Joe spoke intelligently in court and made game day decisions that mattered a lot during our trial. Everyone in the courtroom seemed to like him. Other lawyers, the D.A., the officers from my arrest, etc. He was friendly to all of them and polite. I honestly believe that if I didn’t have Joe as a lawyer, things may not have gone in my favor. I was found not guilty and am going to be back on track to having my license again.

Having Joseph Higgins as my attorney was the best decision I made in this process.

DUI Client,  Katie

From the start Joe informed me that this was going to be a very difficult case. A 3rd offense OUI with a mandatory 150 day jail sentence and a felony charge on my record. There was a car accident involved, my totaled Mazda 3 and another totaled Scion. This was a nearly unbeatable case. The only things we had on our side was the simple fact that I was not in the vehicle when the police arrived on the scene of the accident. I was walking toward the crash. Joe told me from the start that my statements to the police that I was drunk made it a very difficult case. He informed me that if the eye witness did not show up then we should wave a jury trial and go to the bench. Informing me that without the eye witness it became a case of Operational Law and no one knows case law and legal law more than a judge. At times I thought it would be better if I had a jury of my pears deciding my fate rather than just 1 person. Taking the advice of Joe was the best decision. With all odds against us, we went to the bench. The D.A had a very compelling argument for a guilty charge. Without proof of Operation, her case was dead. She managed to find a document that proved that I had keys to a vehicle on my person. One question that Joe asked seemed to seal the deal. He asked the officer if he ever took the keys from me to search the vehicle. His response, no. He also asked the officer if the drivers side door was open, officer said no. I refused field sobriety tests and a Breathalyzer. Joe used that in our favor. Taking a Breathalyzer would have been an admission of guilt or admission of operation. Every time I was having a hard time with the case I would text my questions or call Joe. He was very responsive. His knowledge of the Law assisted in the way he chose to go about my case. I believe the only reason we got a NOT GUILTY verdict was because Joe knows his Laws. His advice to waive a jury trial and go with the bench was the right choice. This case took a year and a half from December 13th, 2013 till Aril 23rd, 2015. A life can change a lot in the amount of time. Mine truly did. If you want a Lawyer that will fight your case to the best of his ability hire Joe. If you want a Lawyer that will truly stand behind you and fight with everything he has to win your case because he truly believes in you, hire Joe. It is hard to believe that a Lawyer would have trouble sleeping the night before a case. My case was such a difficult case to win that Joe did not sleep well the night before. Not so much because the case was any different in 1.5 yrs but because I was different. Doing the right things and making the best choices to better my life. To have a Lawyer that has that much passion and drive is an incredible experience. I am just so happy with the way things turned out. Joe is an incredible Lawyer and anyone would be lucky to get a compassionate and empathetic Lawyer like Joe. NOT GUILTY. In a very difficult and nearly unbeatable case. We got the NOT GUILTY. NOT GUILTY. I cannot stress enough how knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive and persuasive this man is. Great work and Thank you Joe.

DUI Client,  Lyndsey

Joseph Higgins is the kind of lawyer that took the time to go above and beyond for my case. He is attentive, honest, and experienced. He would quickly return my calls, e-mails, and always put my mind at ease during these difficult times. I trusted him and listened to his recommendations every step of the way. Working together he was able to pull off nothing short of an absolutely amazing resolution to my case. He doesn’t forget about his clients even after a case is over and is always willing to give legal advice when it is needed. I know that I can always count on him to be professional and sincere with any future questions or concerns that I may have. I would recommend anyone who has the misfortune of finding themselves with a legal issue to speak to him. Once you do I am certain you will realize, as I did, that there is no better attorney to represent you.

DUI Client, Ashley

In my opinion Joseph J. Higgins is one of New England’s most promising and brightest OUI and DUI defense attorney in the area. Over the past 3 years Joe has specialized in OUI and DUI defense related cases and holds an impeccable record for cases he has defended. Joe is very knowledgeable in the law and equally as comfortable in a court room. Joe’s extensive knowledge of the law allows him to provide his clients with the best possible outcome for each person’s situation. I believe the edge Joe has over other OUI and DUI defense attorneys is Joe’s prior experience working as a prosecutor for the Plymouth County DA’s Office. Joe worked as an assistant district attorney for 3 years before joining the Law Firm of James M. Milligan Jr. Joe knows how the courts think, their weaknesses, and what strategies to use when planning his defense. Joe today is one of the partners at Milligan & Higgins Law Office. I strongly recommend anyone with an OUI or DUI to contact Joe or his office to handle their case. That said, I would like to give some hope to the folks out there who have lost their license due to five or more DUI’s or OUI’s and have a lifetime indefinite suspension on their license. You may want to discuss your past convictions with Joe to see if any of them are worth challenging for a dismissal. The law is not perfect and makes mistakes too. This could mean the difference between never being able to drive again and regaining the right to drive. There are no guarantees, but I can tell you that in my son’s case, by me making a call to Joe, was one of the greatest things I could have ever done. Joe reviewed my son’s past convictions and said we only needed to win one conviction for my son to be able to drive again. Well, Joe took my case and today my son has his driver’s license back and is able to provide an easier living for his family. No more worrying about things like how he’s getting back and forth to work each day, etc. It has changed his life as well as his families just by me making that call.

DUI Client, Mike

Joe Higgins goes above and beyond the call of duty.His courtroom manner is calm,collected,and precise.Truly a gifted attorney who I would recommend highly.His extensive knowledge of oui law was a huge advantage in bringing my case to a not guilty finding. Thanks so much, Joe.

DUI Client, Dave

I found Attorney Higgins on the internet, so i hope someone else will read these reviews and decide to choose Joe as their lawyer. From the moment me and my father first stepped into his office, i felt as though he genuinely cared about my case. He always kept me up to date on everything, which was great because i have never had legal issues in the past so it was all new to me. He would explain everything that was going on to me in a very professional manner ,but also in a way that was easy to understand. Its never a guarantee win or lose, but i had a good feeling about my case from day one. I would recommend him to anybody. Joe Higgins gave me my life back, and i hope he does the same for you. Thanks again Joe!

DUI Client, Bruce

I am not accustomed to being in trouble with the law, and when I got my DUI in the summer of 2014, I had to find a Lawyer that’s got the best track record and registers high on my professionalism, character and effectiveness meter. Searched the web, made some phone calls and my heart sunk because everyone I spoke to was pretty tepid and wishy-washy and, especially, resigned to sleep walk through my entire legal battle. Joe, on the other hand, was professional, compassionate and was proud of his mastery in his area of law. I am a decent judge of character, and I felt I would get the best effort possible for my situation. Joe made a stressful situation as bearable as possible, communicated effectively for the entire duration, and produced the best possible outcome under the circumstances. I had to pass info and concerns on to Joe now and then and he would respond within an hour, if not minutes, to calls, texts and emails, even in the evening and weekends. He had my back all the way, and in this age of dog eat dog every man for himself, I was impressed with the level of Joe’s compassion. I also met another Attorney helping me with a preliminary hearing, that Joe cooperates with, and I was a basket case and this Attorney was simply a compassionate guardian angel, so this is another endorsement for Joe’s standards of professionalism.

DUI Client, Jim

Given the event that occurred, if anything can be said about my horrific experience, is that Joe made it wonderful…I know a strange adjective to describe an awful situation. However, Joe, with his open and straight forward honesty prepared me for how the process would unfold and proceed. In each case he was exact with every scenario throughout the entire event. For example, he informed me EXACTLY how the court proceedings would transpire, what the judge would ask, how I should reply (look directly at the judge when answering), appropriate dress, even where and how to stand…he was absolutely perfect on each call every time.

I cannot overstate or over emphasis the professionalism exhibited at all times, with myself, in the courtroom and especially with the prosecutors and courtroom personnel, each of whom thought very highly of Joe’s courtroom presence and abilities. In fact, I specifically inquired with one of the courtroom personnel and a probation officer and each of them had the highest of praise toward Joe, both professionally and personally.

To sum it all up…”this gentleman lawyer was absolutely the best thing that happened to me at the worst time of my life…THANK YOU JOE! ”

DUI Client, Mike

I was in a car accident and arrested charged with OUI and driving to endanger in September 2014. I thought this can’t be happening, I’m going to be without my license for at least 6 months. Attorney Higgins met with me promptly and made me feel at ease. Joe was able to get me a trial date in under 2 months, then attorney Milligan defended me at trial. I was found not guilty and license reinstatement in less than 2 months.
I am very pleased!

DUI Client, Jim

A little over a year and a half ago, I was cited with those horrible 3 letters DUI. I have known Attorney Higgins for many years, so it was with out question I called on him to defend me. I am proud to say that with outstanding knowledge and professionalism he did just that. Joe is truly gifted at his craft. I thank him not only as a friend but as an outstanding Attorney. If you want the best defense possible you have to start with an Individual cares not only for your case but the law it’s self. Attorney Higgins displays both and more.

DUI Client, Jon

I could not have asked for a better attorney than Joe. I reached out to Joe nervous and upset about my case, and he put me at ease immediately. I had a clear idea of how I wanted to resolve my case, and Joe guided me through and knew legally, back to front, what I could expect so there were no surprises.But what sets Joe apart from other attorneys is the fact he was an Assistant DA for many years. This is a huge advantage because not only can he anticipate what the Commonwealth’s position and mindset will be, but he knows how to conference with the prosecution in a way other defense attorneys do not. Such a small detail can be the difference between an effective attorney and simply an “okay” one. Having someone smart and articulate like Joe who has significant insight on how the prosecution will proceed, is a major advantage that a lot of attorneys do not have. Everyone makes mistakes, and Joe is the first to let you know bad things happen to good people, and he will treat you with respect throughout the entire process. He is undoubtedly someone I would recommend to my friends should they find themselves in a situation like this!

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Attorney Higgins represented me in a case where I exercised my right to refuse a breath test, in hopes of securing a blood test, which I was unable to do after my doctor was sent away by the arresting police officers. The case took place in Worcester County. Once we got to trial, Attorney Higgins advocacy skills shined. Attorney Higgins has an appropriately measured demeanor and is well regarded by all participants in the courtroom. At trial and through pre-trial motions, Attorney Higgins effectively dismantled the Commonwealth’s case, and poked holes in the arresting officer’s scripted narrative. The prosecutor was left seemingly embarrassed and attempted to make a closing argument based on an inapplicable standard of “in the light most favorable to the Commonwealth” rather than the appropriate “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard. The trial lasted fewer than thirty minutes, and without hesitation the Judge correctly found that I was not guilty.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Joe did an excellent job with my DWI case from start to finish. My arrest was out of state so most of the procedure was handled by another attorney, but Joe kept in touch with me during the entire process, even when there was little he could do (due to the other state holding things up). When he was able to get involved directly, he got me in and out in a very timely manner. His communication FAR exceeded my expectations and gave me comfort when situations were out of my control. He was extremely knowledgeable about my case and the firm’s fees were very fair. I highly recommend Attorney Higgins for anyone in a similar situation.

DUI Client, Tim

I reached out to Attorney Higgins in regards to a DUI charge brought against me that would have
ultimately brought serious consequences. I was impressed with his complete dedication that was
delivered and which I thought exceeded beyond what I thought could ever be achieved. I highly
recommend him and was fortunate to find him to represent me.

DUI Client, James

In January, I was charged with an OUI after being out with my boss and co-workers and lost control and totaled my car when trying to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle. No other vehicles were involved but I sustained injuries. I have 2 other OUIs. One was 24 and one was 18 years ago in other states. Mr. Milligan and Mr. Higgins were able to negotiate a very favorable outcome and get charges reduced substantially.They responded to all my questions ANGST and represented me in court in the best way possible. They are both very professional, very thorough and know the law. I would recommend them to anyone needing a DUI/OUI attorney.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Today I wrapped up my case with Attorney Higgins and I can’t thank him enough. From the moment I first spoke to Mr. Higgins, he immediately made me feel comfortable about this whole ordeal. He took the time to explain both the good and bad, but assured me he would do all he could to reach a positive outcome, and he did. He is a true master of his profession and I would recommend him to anybody. Thanks again Attorney Higgins!

DUI Client, Richard

I found Attorney Higgins on a referral website after I received my first OUI. He answered all of my questions without hesitation. When I retained him as my lawyer, he walked me through every step of the process and explained procedures and outcomes before they happened. Attorney Higgins helped me find the best possible outcome for an unfortunate situation.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

My case was handled in a swift and professional manner, Attorney Higgins is a superb lawyer. His communication and guidance were much appreciated,

DUI Client, Robert

Attorney Higgins has recently represented me for my second OUI case and I have to say that the experience was better than I could have ever hoped. He knew exactly what I could expect while in the courtroom, he was able to secure a very favorable plea and he offered to assist me with the application for a “hardship” license after the fact. He also made himself available to answer any questions I had throughout the time leading up to my court date, which gave me considerable peace of mind. He always either answered his phone or promptly called back if I left a message. I would suggest Joe Higgins without hesitation to anyone that I know that is in need of and OUI lawyer.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

When working with Joe, I was well-informed throughout the entire legal process with any and all questions answered fully and knowledgeably. During the trial itself he was both skillful and tactful leaving me with the utmost confidence in our success. I would refer Joe Higgins with the absolute highest regards to any individual in need of representation.

DUI Client, Christopher

I hired Joe to handle an OUI matter. He handled my case with the utmost candor, empathy, expertise. During my ordeal I was overwhelmed with concerns that he addressed both day and night via phone, email and text. I would recommend Joe without reservation.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

I contacted Joe with a very difficult case. Its been 9 months running and today is the day that I got an innocent verdict. It was NOT an easy case and had I not been represented by someone who was as well versed with the ins and outs of the system I probably wouldn’t be celebrating right now. His impressive questioning, articulation and bilateral law experience in both prosecution and defense are what I believe got us the verdict I was hoping for. His cool, calm demeanor coupled with perfectly thought out lines of questioning and arguments were a sight to behold.It’s been 9 months of worry and stress with a potential future of a lot more stress that has been averted thanks to this man. So 5 stars all the way thanks so much Joe!
I wasn’t the easiest client and tend to over analyze and bug the heck out of people when I’m worried. He responded to every call and text as fast as he was able to every time. For that alone he had earned 5 stars before our trial even began.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Joe was nothing but professional concerning my case. Personable, well-versed in the law and very attentive. Presented my case calmly and factually for a verdict of ‘not guilty’.

DUI Client, Butch

When I first met to consult with Joe, he gave the immediate impression of a clean cut, knowledgeable, very professional attorney. He had a very go getter, confident approach which lead to me hiring him. Throughout my experience, court dates and between court dates and through trial, he consistently kept me up to date and feeling knowledgeable and confident about my case. Ultimately, his persistent effort and experienced approach resulted in a not guilty verdict. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney I highly recommend you call Joe Higgins.

DUI Client, Patrick

Attorney Joe Higgins recently represented me and through the stressful experience. Joe was always confident and professional. Joe Higgins is the type of attorney who will keep his word by working his hardest to make sure the outcome of your case is resolved in the most favorable possible outcome.

DUI Client, Bryce

I would rate Attorney Higgins 10 stars if I could. From the first email I sent him, I received a prompt response and he even met me over the weekend despite his plans. He is professional, knowledgeable, successful in what he does and maintained contact with me through out making sure I knew what was going on. I was charged with a OUI based off a phone call from someone and thought my schooling and career were over due to the burden this charge put on my life. Attorney Higgins successfully got the charge dismissed and is working to now get my license fully restored. I highly recommend him and feel he is an excellent attorney.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Mr Higgins kept me well informed as the status of my case, was always well prepared, and seemed to be one step ahead of the other side. I am happy to recommend him and would encourage my family and friends to consult him if they are in need of legal representation!

DUI Client, Kevin

Attorney Higgins represented me in a very professional manner. Kept in constant contact with me about my case, I would strongly recommend Attorney Higgins.

DUI Client, Harris

The first time I met Mr. Higgins was in court, I was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge while on a continuance without a finding charge out of a different court. I thought for sure my life was over and I would be going to jail for this ridiculous arrest. Nevertheless Mr. Higgins advised me that he would get the case dismissed on arraignment. And without a doubt that is exactly what he accomplished. Mr. Higgins is a stand up gentleman which knows the system extremely well. He is a young man with drive and admiration without his counsel I am not sure I would have gotten the outcome he had provided. I give my highest recommendation with out any hesitation to this man. I have worked with lawyers in the past that seem to just want your money, Mr. Higgins is not like that at all, he truly just enjoys helping people. With that said it would be in your best interest to give this man a call for any condition. 5 stars!

DUI Client, Massachusetts

Joe was great helping assist with my traffic violation. Joe’s patience explaining the process, advice regarding the violation, and legal knowledge made the experience painless. I plan on using Joe again and will recommend him.

DUI Client, Massachusetts

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